Gaming’s Potential in the World Market

Pixie Dust
3 min readAug 16, 2021

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It’s an esports world, and we’re just living in it. It seems like hyperbole to say this a few years ago, but it’s become impossible to ignore the mammoth impact esports have left on gaming. Game developers could not shrug about esports now that the finals of last year’s League of Legends world championship pulled in almost 36 million daily views across the globe and distributed about $6.3 million in prize money. Market researcher Newzoo predicts the esports gaming market, which develops to approx. $493 million last year, could hit over $1.1 billion by 2019.

Given this monumental attention media-wise and economically, as well as a 100 percent viewership development rate over the past few years, it’s only natural that we see development ideas championed in the esports arena creep into other genres of the game development space as they seek to capture these eye-popping numbers for themselves. Furthermore, according to these other realms, one out of every two American males between 18 and 34 visits their properties every month, which is a pretty powerful statistic and data a lot of traditional media sectors might be envious of. (1) The gaming industry is just flaming up! In the long run, we have seen that the video game industry is being ahead of the curve and that evolved how we perceived the virtual world! Be a part of the gaming revolution, seize the chance now!

The gaming industry is considered to be one of the biggest exciting industries in tech because of its importance to culture, entertainment, and technological advancement. PC, console as well as mobile gaming sectors are using the latest in tech to bring their games to the screens of more than two billion people all over the globe. The gaming industry is arguably one of the important and innovative sectors in tech today. Its importance to culture, social networking, and entertainment could not be understated. The term “entertainment industry” is no longer reserved for Hollywood and the movie industry because gaming is now providing one of the immersive and awe-inspiring forms of entertainment to more than two billion people around the globe.

Nobody could imagine what the gaming industry could blossom into when they were messing around with Pong joysticks in their basements and competing against their friends for the highest Pac-Man scores in the 1970s and ’80s. These simple games might turn out to be the bedrock of today’s gaming industry and instant cultural phenomena. The gaming industry of today is a $200 billion behemoth that is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and entertainment. Not only do we have the continuous advent of new consoles, PCs, and devices that are putting us right into the game, but we also have the possibilities to watch some of the best gamers in the world compete in the e-sports arena and online through streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer. Moreover, these additional industries strengthened their balance sheet by approximately $50 million with the combination of an acquired deal funding for gross proceeds of about $42.5 million and the reduction of their indebtedness through the conversion of their outstanding debentures of around $9 million. (2) This might be the perfect time to turn and head back with the virtual games! Lay eyes on these other realms as they were said to be building one of the largest media platforms for video games and esports fans to connect and engage worldwide. Follow the impressive traces of the gaming industry with this site!

Born from humble beginnings, today’s gaming sector is ready to take on any other in tech for the title of the largest innovative industry. What makes gaming so special is that it’s not only immersive and entertaining, but it’s inclusive and expansive as well. There is a game and a way to play for almost every human, which makes gaming one of the biggest beloved industries in the world. Flaunt your skills and competencies in gaming! Open the boundless potentials that could twist your gaming enthusiasm over here.

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