Shaping the Largest Media Platform for Video Games and Esports Fans

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Unlike most other entertainment platforms, video games could connect people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Video games now provide the platform for this authentic, collaborative play that broadens perspectives and builds new communities by connecting people who might otherwise have never met.

In today’s generation, the average gamer has been playing for about 14 years. They have developed with the industry and evolved alongside with it. Just as video games have become richer, fuller and better-rounded, the communities are also becoming more inclusive and accessible. Games possess more than just the power to connect us emotionally. As of the moment, approximately 63% of adult players play with others, often in squads that get together both online or in person. Brought together by servers and matchmaking algorithms, these strangers quickly learn how to work together to achieve a common goal. Moreover, this mechanic has led to an explosion in the popularity of esports, creating new social elements and potentials to participate in video game culture. Players in teams of all genders, ages, nationalities and abilities come together to compete for a shared victory, helping engender empathy and compassion for their teammates, while emerging communication skills and connections.

Esports also builds a community of fans who gather online to watch and discuss tournaments or those who attend in person, often traveling long distances to sit in the stands with strangers, bonding over their shared fandom for teams or players. On top of this, according to these other realms, one out of every two American males between 18 and 34 visits their property every month, which is a pretty powerful statistic and a data that more traditional media divisions might be envious of. (1) Video games establish connection with others in new and familiar ways, while also laying the groundwork to reimagine the interaction of play, the power of communities, and the significance of social impact. Are you a video game enthusiast? If so, you could be in the perfect place!

One of the exciting parts of working in the gaming industry is how quickly things could change. In recent years, most games have shifted to becoming always on live services that change regularly with new content and features keeping players engaged long after a game has launched. Esports and live streaming of gaming overall have also become much more mainstream. It is truly global in appeal, which presents a number of challenges when trying to create programs that could simultaneously meet the needs and desires of all the continents across the world. The audience also looks forward to different things from an esports broadcast vs. traditional sports broadcast or live streams of gaming personalities, and this continues to transform.

The popularity of different games within esports might continue to shift and everyone involved in esports could remain learning new ways to improve their programs, events and broadcasts. Every week esports seems to develop in popularity, attracting new venture capitalists and consumers. On the other hand, these other categories joined the ‘Comscore 100’ ranking of top 100 internet properties in the United States. One of only two gaming properties to make the list alongside Amazon’s TWITCH.TV, which ranked almost #1 in gaming information property for unique visitor traffic from mobile devices. (2) Lay eyes on these other divisions as they might be able to build the media platform for video games and esports fans to connect and engage worldwide! Are you excited to know more about these innovations? Remain reading as you are about to explore the unique platforms that are knocked together just for you!

To sum it up, esports is also unique in that a player’s success is independent of how tall, strong, thin, or fast they are. It could further level the playing field for factors such as gender, culture, and location. This democratization of participation contributes to esports’ allure and its generation of a globally engaged fan base. Additionally, whereas traditional sports have physical and special limitations, esports is more fast-paced and scalable because of its reliance on digital platforms. Gaming as a medium of entertainment isn’t new, but it’s becoming progressively mainstream. Learn about this breakthrough and keep reading to broaden your perspective!

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