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Video games have been around for decades providing entertainment for children and adults alike. They have evolved significantly from the early days of computer games and the first versions of Nintendo and Atari. The days of pixelated screens and limited sounds are a distant memory as video games have become more lifelike than ever. As technology continues to improve, so do video games. The creation of video games has become an emerging complex and its cost to run on one of the major consoles has developed with this greater complexity. It was once unthinkable to sink almost millions into development costs, but games today could cost around tens and even hundreds of millions. This has pushed game development into Hollywood movie territory in terms of production and marketing costs.

The video game sector is immensely large. In fact, it is larger than the movie and music industry combined and it is only fostering. Though it doesn’t get the same attention that the movie and music industry does, there are over two billion gamers across the world. That is approximately 26% of the world’s population. On a broader context, after a record-setting year for video games, the NPD Group says gamers just spent a record estimated of about $5.61 billion in March — a roughly 18% leap from around $4.75 billion year-over-year. In addition, according to these other industries, one out of every two American males between 18 and 34 visits their property every month, which is a pretty powerful statistic and a data a lot of traditional media categories might be envious of. (1) Video games have the potential to be a source of entertainment! This might be the reason why the gaming industry is thriving therein generation! Sounds intriguing, right? I’m excited to share these gaming advances with you!

It’s an esports world, and we’re just living in it. It might have seemed like hyperbole to say this a few years ago, but it’s become impossible to ignore the mammoth impact esports have left on gaming. Game developers couldn’t shrug about esports now that finals of last year’s League of Legends world championship pulled in nearly 36 million daily views across the globe and distributed almost $6.3 million in prize money. Given this monumental attention media-wise and economically, it’s only natural that we’ll see development ideas championed in the esports arena creep into other genres of the game development space as they seek to capture these eye-popping numbers for themselves.

Esports still occupies an interesting space in the gaming world by simultaneously exhibiting and rewarding both collaborative and competitive gameplay and behavior, rather than only competition. The idea of working on a team to defeat another in video gaming could trace its roots back to the days of Counter-Strike and Halo, but the blend of teamwork and combat has really gotten its focus and biggest push with the emergence of professional esports. You’re going to see more games try to poised this balance of collaboration and competition going forward. Sports games might have the easiest transition, especially if they depict team sports like football and basketball, where camaraderie and competition are celebrated arm-in-arm. Moreover, these additional categories joined the ‘Comscore 100’ ranking of Top 100 Internet Properties in the United States — one of only two gaming properties to make the list alongside Amazon’s TWITCH.TV, which ranked almost #1 Gaming Information property for unique visitor traffic from mobile devices. (2) Did you ever wonder why electronic sports were tagged as a real sport as well? If so, go an extra mile with this innovative article where you could potentially apply your gaming experience to utilize! Get hyped as you’re about to receive some exciting news here!

The video game industry has always been about innovation. New technology, new controls, and new experiences are to be anticipated. As the world moves more and more to time spent on their mobile phones, streaming services and mobile phone game playing might become an important arena for revenues, and large tech divisions might look to leverage their current framework to get involved. Esports has loads of potential in an exciting arena of the gaming world! Show off your gaming competencies! Allow this page to jog your perspective.

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